Career fairs are not only for traditional college aged students–alumni should consider the following three things:

  • How is your current job search going?

Are you spending inordinate amount of time searching for jobs and applying online only to have little to no response? This ‘black hole’ of online applications can be frustrating and fruitless. Making a connection within the organization is key to help fast track an application, answer questions you may have and for follow-up. Talent acquisition professionals can be just as frustrated with the ATS (applicant tracking system) and their job is to help streamline the process to connect good candidates with the right position. At WestPACS Collegiate Career Fair you will meet company representatives, real people with a name and a title and an email that you can reach out to with questions.

  • Are you applying to the ‘right’ position?

Yes, many recruiters attend WestPACS Collegiate Career Fair to recruit college students and graduates for internships and entry level positions, but that does not mean they don’t have other requisitions they are trying hard to fill. Advanced positions needing more experience and skills are also a priority for the companies, but often companies attending WestPACS have college students on the brain. Alumni need to ask about advanced positions. After giving an elevator speech (30 second intro about your experience and the kind of work you are seeking) ask them what positions they currently have that match that description. Not all, but most employers, will have suggestions of opportunities that they have open now or will in the future.

  • Are you looking in the ‘hidden’ job market?

Eighty percent of jobs are filled through networking. If it is time to expand your professional network, where else but WestPACS Collegiate Career can you find so many employers, all in one place at one time, doing nothing but waiting to talk to you? They have paid money, set aside time and prepared for this fair. They want to maximize this opportunity to not only find good candidates but also to promote their organization. Use this exclusive time to introduce yourself, learn about the organization or even ask them about their own career journey. If they don’t have something open for you, they just might have information regarding someone who does have an interesting opportunity inside or outside their organization. And you have now made a connection to thank and connect with on LinkedIn!