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Job Fair Preparation

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See what previous WestPACS employers have to say about…
           *  Job Fair Essentials
           *  Making an Impression
           *  Making the Most of Applying Online
           *  Following Up
           *  What Employers Want
Wondering how to make the most of a job fair? 
Here are the Top 10 Things Candidates Wish They Had Done Before Attending the Fair: (Based on surveys conducted after previous WestPACS fairs)
     10.  Worn a suit jacket
       9.  Brought a portfolio with paper
       8.  Worn comfortable shoes
       7.  Looked up the location of employers
       6.  Prepared a self-introduction
       5.  Improved their resume
       4.  Brought a friend with them
       3.  Taken more copies of their resume
       2.  Researched the employers on their websites 
       1.  Had prepared questions for each employer

Wondering What to Wear?
For men: 
For women: